Contoare de apa rezidentiale Detector gaz metan si CO, BEAGLE-DOUBLE, 230 Vca, buton TEST, sensibilitate 20% L.I.E.( CH), 80 ppm ( CO), 1 contact ND, 230Vca, 5A

Detector gaz metan si CO, BEAGLE-DOUBLE, 230 Vca, buton TEST, sensibilitate 20% L.I.E.( CH), 80 ppm ( CO), 1 contact ND, 230Vca, 5A



TVA: inclus in pret

Se livreaza in 24-48 ore.

Disponibilitate: Stoc la comanda.

Producator: SEITRON

Detector gaz metan si CO, BEAGLE-DOUBLE, 230 Vca, buton TEST, sensibilitate 20% L.I.E.( CH), 80 ppm ( CO), 1 contact ND, 230Vca, 5A

 Power supply 230V~ -15/+10% 50Hz
Sensor type SnO2 Semiconductor
Alarm threshold 10% L.E.L. CH4 80ppm CO
Output (relay) 5A @ 250V~ SPDT
Sensor life 5 years
Green LED indicator Detector active
Yellow LED indicator Detector failure
MULTICOLOR LED indicator red:CH4 alarm  -  blue: CO alarm  -  red-blu: both
Protection grade IP42
Dimensions H107 W85 D38mm

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